Monday, July 30, 2007


Wow! Before I know it, summer will be done! Other than hay, swimming and baseball, it seems as nothing much has happened. I can't decide it that's good or bad! The peacefulness of summertime is great, but there certainly has not been too much happening in the excitement department here on the farm.
I guess that's good. For the last few years, the things that caused a stir haven't been happy ones. Last year my husband's mother passed away. The year before it was his sister and the year before that his sister's husband. So this summer there has been no bad news, and not much in terms of any news. I guess that's where the saying "No news is good news" comes from.
The girls have gone away to my cousin's place for a few days and they were happy to get a change of scenery. I seem to forget that for them, they want some adventure and some excitement in their summer. I like the slower pace of no school, no homework and no lunches to pack!
But I know that by the time September rolls around, I will be glad to get back in to that routine again.
I am glad that the summer has been so "uneventful"! Soon enough it will be over!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Life on the Farm in Summer

Life on the farm in summer is probably the worst time. While everyone and their dog is on vacation, we have more work than time. The hay needs to be cut, then raked, then baled...Those bales need to be collected from the field and stored away. For John and I, it's really no big deal. For my daughters, that's a different story. All their friends are going away on a summer vacation, some for a couple of weeks, some for a week-end here and there. My girls are lucky if we get to go away for the day!
I don't mind too much. I've gotten used to it. I feel bad for the girls. They are on vacation and what to have some fun! Yesterday, we had to go to city to visit an eye specialist. So while we were out, we went to a big mall with over a 150 stores. The girls loved it! To me, that's no fun, but they certainly enjoyed themselves. Three floors of stores!!!!! They could spend the day there. I had enough after the first store! My biggest complaint about shopping is the music. Some of those stores you go into have the music sooo loud that you can't hear yourself think! The salespeople come over to help, and you have to yell to be heard above the music. It must be because I'm getting too old, I can't take all that noise! I can't imagine it boosts sales in any way, shape or form!
We went to one store where you "build" a bear. A teddy, you pick his unstuffed body and then you stuff him, sew him up and so on. Even they played music. It was original "bear building" tunes, but music just the same! I was amazed. After 2 hours in the mall, I need a stiff drink! Made it home alive though. A few bags heavier and a few dollars shorter!