Saturday, April 14, 2007

Another Day on the Farm

Time is passing fast. Easter has come and gone and Spring is supposed to be here! The fields are still wet and occasionally when we wake up, actually covered with snow! In March it seemed like spring was going to arrive, but it seems we're still waiting. So much has happened since March. My mother is home from the hospital, recovering. My daughter is having some health issues and we're waiting for a firm diagnosis. Soon the farmer will be out in the fields working the ground and planting his crops for the year.
Things are quiet in the barn. I only have one new calf at the moment. Millie, my dog, likes that. It means my chores don't take very long and I'll take her for a walk down the road. Dogs really like to walk and sniff at every little smell. She's no different. It seems to be very exciting for her to walk the same route two or three times a day, everyday! She always seems to find a new smell to discover! Oh to have the life of my dog! Not a worry in the world! Oh well, I guess not every dog gets to live the life of Millie!