Monday, September 17, 2007

Imagine 50 years

On Saturday September 15th, we attended a 50th wedding anniversary for Shauna's godparents. Imagine being married to someone for 50 years! it was a wonderful party. The party was in the same church hall where the couple had celebrated their marriage! It was a small Polish church full of family memories. I was married in that church as well. One of my brothers was married there. Shauna was baptised there. Three of my neices were baptised there. I sat a table with my cousin, who has lived in Los Angeles California for the last 40 years. She was telling me that she had made her first communion and her confirmation at that church. My father and her father had also made their first communions and were confirmed in that church. My father's funeral was also at that church. It's quite amazing how a building made of brick and mortar can weave it's way into the basic foundation of one's memories. What really stands out in my mind is all the pictures taken on the front steps of that church that are in photo albums that so many members of my family have. Weddings parties, babies in baptismal gowns, young children in their Sunday best on the morning of their first communions. Picture after picture of my family, some fifty years apart, on the same steps. What a wonderful connection to our past.
The party was great. lots of friends and family, many from out of town that came "home" to help celebrate the occasion. There was delicious Polish food, dancing, music and reminiscing.
There were pictures take on the front steps of the church.

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